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Sept 2019 New Term Blog!

September 9, 2019

Weekly Blog

November 26, 2018

Virtual Tour

Here's a short video presentation so you can take a look around Dublin School of Music, and meet one or two of our teachers (and students!)

Online Payments

Online Payments

You can book and pay for your lessons online using the Enrol Now button. All payment details are handled by Easy Payments Plus, a part of the Payzone group. You can now access your account 24/7 and even spread your payment by using the automatic instalment option.


One to One Tuition

One to One Tuition

At Dublin School of Music our aim is to provide you, the student, with the highest quality and most fun tuition you can find.

We have found that one-to-one lessons are the optimal way of learning. A one-to-one lesson means that we can tailor your course of lessons to meet your individual needs, to slow down when you are finding something difficult and to speed through those parts of the course you find come easily to you, to focus on the repertoire of music that you enjoy or to perfect parts of examination or other course material.

A one-to-one lesson means that you'll never have to wait for someone else to catch up, or to re-visit material because someone else missed last week's lesson, nor will you feel under pressure to speed through something you haven't fully grasped because others seem to have understood the concept quicker than you. We believe the fastest way to learn is at your own pace.

Excellent Teachers

Excellent Teachers

Dublin School of Music is a 'family' of people who are passionate about music, who want to make music accessible, affordable, convenient and above all else, fun.

We're immensely proud of our highly qualified tutors (all of whom are Garda vetted). they're young, dynamic and go the extra mile to help each and every student achieve their musical potential. We're delighted to say that 400 people, from age 4 - 76, now choose to study music at Dublin School of Music each week.