Leaving Certificate Music Course

Leaving Cert Music Course In Dublin School Of Music

This is a two year course starting in 5th year.
Dublin School of Music offers you one and a half hours of class per week in preparation for the Leaving Certificate Course.
This class is designed for students who would like to take music as an extra subject or who may not be able to study music at school.

The Leaving Certificate Music syllabus is broken into two sections: a written paper and a practical exam. Each of these are worth 50%.
The practical exam takes place the April before the written exams - so you have 50% of the exam completed months in advance.

Theory Exam

Dublin School of Music will prepare students for the written paper.
(Classes are also available for preparation of the practical exam).
Students must study:
Four set works
Irish Music
General Listening
Composition of a 16 bar melody
Backing chords to accompany a given line

We offer:
Small class sizes to ensure maximum attention to each student
The Leaving Cert course is taught by Karen Ni Bhroin, a qualified secondary school music teacher (Karen also teaches at Colaiste Cois Life, Lucan).
Classes available through Irish on request
Grinds also available

Practical Exam

Extra classes are available on a range of different instruments for preparation of the practical exam. These are separate to the theory class.

Options for practical music exam:
Play six pieces on one instrument (Grade 5 equivalent standard)
Play four pieces on one instrument and four on another (this includes singing and group work)
Play four pieces on one instrument and complete a short exercise on the music technology programme 'Sibelius'

'Sibelius' is a computer programme which requires students to input written music into the computer and make several changes to it during the exam - just like WordDoc but for music! This option is available at the Dublin School of Music and can be taught as a separate class. Generally the students learn it during a couple of classes and can study it from home using a similar free programme - MuseScore. Music Technology is a very easy option for those who find the practical side a little difficult or for those who only study one instrument.

Please note - students who complete the Leaving Certificate Music course at Dublin School of Music can sit the Leaving Certificate exam in their own school centre along with their other subjects.

Please follow this link to view the Department of Education's Leaving Certificate Curriculum