Songwriting Workshops

The Lisa Harris Songwriting Workshops @ Dublin School of Music

A series of Songwriting Workshops designed by Dublin musician and songwriter Lisa Harris.

These workshops are aimed at those who've ever had an interest in songwriting but didn't quite know how to get started or, those who have written songs before but need professional critique and feedback to help get them to the next level.

Everything from the very basic how to get started putting your ideas on paper (or just how to get those first ideas!) all the way up to industry level advice and guidance is covered in the workshop. The workshops are taken entirely at the pace of the student and designed to focus on the needs and requirements of the class.

Starting with how to get ideas for a song, learning the names and parts of a song, discovering the various structures you can utilise, expanding your lyrics, the use of poetic devices, deciding who you want to be as a songwriter, ways to make your song stand out lyrically and aurally, hooks, how to write a killer-chorus, de-mystifying writer's block, things to look/listen out for when rehearsing your song, genre, arrangement, instrumentation,how to present your song professionally, how to get gigs, advice on recording, self-promotion on social media and more.

Even if you'd consider yourself a pro who's just gotten a bad bout of writer's block or is finding themselves stuck in a creative rut, it's extremely helpful to take a step back, return to the core basics of songwriting and see if you're still in musical shape.

Workshops also include hand-outs of course content and further material to assist you in your songwriting endeavours once the workshops are over. Also included during the workshops are new and unique songwriting group exercises to get you thinking outside the box creatively.

Absolutely no previous experience in music or songwriting is necessary at all, just your enthusiasm and interest in learning this new skill. Whether it's a summer hobby or a life-long ambition, you will be guided and encouraged by an experienced and friendly facilitator who wants to help you achieve your maximum potential as a songwriter.