Weekly Blog

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the second blog of November. Getting used to the dark evenings yet?

Musical Theatre month is proving to be a whole lot of fun for the team here. Did you see last week’s Riff of the Week? We had to do a bit of a switch around due to our teachers’ schedules, so instead of The Captain, you got Lewis Dillon playing a marvellous “The Hills Are Alive” on piano. It’s one of our most popular videos so far. Look out for Alan Byrne's interpretation of Edelweiss on Thursday!

Now, a quick mention for our gift certificates. Do you have someone in your life who you’ve heard say “I’d love to play piano/guitar/violin, I just don’t know where to start?”. How about giving them some direction and getting them a gift voucher for a couple of lessons? For many students of music, the most difficult step is just to get going. A conversation with an experienced tutor could well be just the thing to get them moving on what, for many, many people, is a lifelong passion. And it works for all ages – we regularly have new starters from primary school all the way up to retirees (taking up an instrument is very much a growing area at this stage of life.) Please feel free to contact us about gift vouchers, and what your potential giftee can do with them.

Our group lessons got started last week. The sessions were enthusiastically met by our new students & teachers alike. We still have some spaces available, but unfortunately we can’t add new students after week next week, so if you want to get involved, give us a shout this week. Details of these courses are on our website.

Good luck to everyone doing RGT exams next week, we know you’ll do yourselves proud!

Thanks for reading, Until next time…


Dublin School of Music