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Continuing our theme of musical theatre this month, did you see our riff of the week with Alan Byrne playing Edelweiss? An absolute favourite, that one. Look out for our new one this Thursday when you'll have the immense pleasure of listening to Grainne Logue singing a beautiful song from the 'Sound of Music' musical.

Next month we’ll be looking at Christmas tunes. We’re planning something kinda special for that!

Now, as we are knee deep in the winter exam session, it’s worth having a reminder of the benefits of taking music exams. Take, for example, Electric Guitar grades. (A lot of people don’t even realise electric guitar grades even exist!). We've had a sneak preview of a new exam syllabus being launched in January. It's an Irish company and the exams are called Sounds Great - and they really do sound great (if you'll pardon the pun)! Their syllabus will allow you to use pieces you know and love for examination - from artists like Dire Straits, Metallica, Hozier, Coldplay etc. As soon as we can get more information on this exciting development we'll let you know! We are also helping some students navigate their way through the RGT examinations and you can find out about them on their website: http://www.rgt.org/

The benefits of taking exams for the student are to: 
Gain a useful and internationally recognised qualification.
Find out, via a reliable and independent assessment, what standard your playing is.
Achieve your playing potential by setting yourself a clear target to aspire to.
Preparing for the exam will help you develop all aspects of your playing in a structured way, increase your knowledge of guitar techniques and music theory.

Our guitar tutors are qualified RGT tutors and also for the Sounds Great syllabus, and while there is no obligation to anyone to take these exams, many of our students find that the structure and focus really does bring out the best in their playing.

Finally, our group lessons get into week three this week. Don’t worry if you didn’t get in this time, we will be running them again from January.  A nice way for a beginner to use a gift voucher, it has to be said.

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