Aidan Murphy

Flute, Piano, Guitar

Aidan Murphy is a teacher of concert flute, piano and guitar. He has over ten years teaching experience, working with students from the very basics through to advanced grades. 

In his spare time he is a songwriter, composer and orchestral arranger. He has performed on in many different environments from rock festivals to the National Concert Hall. He is the regular pianist for the Sandymount Gospel Choir and is the host of music and poetry nights in Dublin city centre. His musical arrangements have appeared on several albums.

For many years, Aidan worked as musical director and sound engineer for school musicals. He has also worked as a session flute player, in orchestras for live theatre and in recording studios.

Aidan enjoys teaching many styles of music including classical, jazz, rock and folk music. His background of being a live performer in many different settings allows him to shape music lessons to suit what the student really wants to learn. Many students are surprised how quickly they can learn the basics of playing a pop song on the piano.

So whether you want an in-depth classical education with all the theory or you just want to play some simple songs at home, Aidan will be able to help you reach your goal. And most importantly, have fun while learning!