Heather Lawrie

Singing, Saxophone, Junior Music, Local Vocals Children's Choir

Born and raised just down the road, Heather Lawrie graduated from the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music in 2018 with an Honours degree in Commercial Modern Music with a special interest in Vocal Studies. She also studied saxophone under Ron Cooney, the inspiration of the Ballymun Lullaby.

Heather has always been very interested in “the power of music” for people of all ages. Beginning to teach her own music classes at age 19, Heather has developed her own style of teaching based on fun and a deep understanding of the history of music.

Besides her love of teaching, Heather has always been a performer at heart. In 2016 she travelled Europe performing her own music, with a highlight of playing in front of 15,000 people at the Montjoux musical festival in Thonon-Les-Bains, France. Since then, Heather has continued writing her own music as well as jingles for advertisements. Heather also performs 3 times a week, both singing and on the saxophone, with numerous cover bands including 4till6, Street Life and The Lovely Strangers. Heather also works as a session singer, performing and recording music written by other artists.

Heather’s approach to teaching singing is a whole body singing experience. She believes “being a singer is the perfect balance between being a musician and an athlete, as we are our own instruments”. Heather helps her students reach their goals whatever they may be from classical to heavy metal singing! “Your voice is a muscle that must be trained and cared for, and if you do, it will let you do anything!”

Heather’s approach to saxophone is very similar. She believes that proper breathing and posture can change the way you play. While teaching you how to read music and play the saxophone, Heather also likes to put an emphasis on the importance of the ear in her lessons, as it is how music has always been shared. Heather likes getting her students to improvise, making her classes not only a place to learn a skill but also to be creative!

Heather is all about fun when it comes to learning music, always encouraging her students to play for skill and for pleasure! No matter what your level, Heather will be happy to help in any way she can.